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The Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction in Pisces-What Do You Want to Manifest?

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What do you want to manifest? Might seem like an odd question coming from a discussion of the upcoming Neptune-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, but… a corporeal existence is always about what the individual wishes to manifest-create-bring to themselves. The tools used towards that goal change, but the underlying goal is always the same, whether it appears that way or uses those semantics.

Another question circling this astrological event is what you are willing to take a deep hard look at and decide how it best serves you and how you choose to present yourself in the world. We have all at one time or another been enamored with the glamor of magickal pursuits and the desire to evolve into powerful beings, but what does that really mean and more importantly, is that reality? Our preceptions of who we are determine what choices we make and sometimes the best thing we can do for ourself is to allow any preconceptions flow away and turn our focus to what remains as our grounded and anchored state of being in all of its glory.

So, with these questions and thoughts in mind, what is the importance of this astrological event that has heads spinning in deciding exactly how it should be used? The truth is that every astrological event holds meaning and import to the degree that the individual is ready to embrace the “what could be” and acknowledge that we are works in process with no magickal date or astrological occurrence being THE defining one.

Conjunctions (when 2 or more planets are in the same astrological house and within up to 6-degrees of one another) occur routinely. In fact, your natal chart will most likely have some conjunctions noted in the celestial snapshot of your birth. What makes for an interesting time is when the conjunctions occur as a result of transiting (the cycle of a planet’s movement beyond the date of your birth and occurring in real time) planets interacting with one another and the nature of the planets, their overall compatibility or incompatibility, what astrological sign they occur in and where the transiting conjunction is impacting your natal chart.

In the case of this Neptune-Jupiter conjunction, not only are transiting Neptune and Jupiter in the exact degree of one another (think in a direct line in their orbits), but they are also in their astrological home of Pisces. Jupiter was long the traditional ruler of astrological Pisces, before the discovery of the outer planets. At that point, Neptune was assigned as the ruler of Pisces and Jupiter took secondary status. This aspect of the conjunction of two transiting planets in their astrological home makes for a potent support of the overall dynamics.

The Basics:

Wherever Jupiter’s energies are applied abundance has the potential to flourish. The antithesis to that abundance is lack that results from holding on too tightly and “squeezing the life” wherever it is focused. This is the natural way of an energy that is both contraction and expansion, ebb and flow. Jupiterian qualities are typically directed towards the more manifest states of being-money, jobs, acquisition in general; but this is only one layer of a more complex pattern of cyclical reciprocity. There is also an innate quality of sifting and sorting through its acquisitions-think the tides of the ocean, that carry the gifts of the sea onto the sandy shore, leave their impressions and then flow back out towards the endless sea, carrying treasures from the sandy shore-leaving some of the sea behind. In the dynamics of this conjunction Jupiter serves as a reminder of our need to remain rooted and grounded in manifestation – what brings us the biggest bang for our buck so to speak as far as our appreciation of our corporeal nature.

Neptune is the greater awakener of the highest aspects of our being and the lowest delusions we have of who we are. The depths of the darkest abyss are home to the beauty of the bioluminescent creatures that have adapted and learned to navigate what cannot be seen unless the reality of what their limitations may be is recognized. The same is true of the work we are called to as Neptune opens the individual to the possibilities and potential of what can be created from an unfiltered lens that sees clearly and accurately who and what we are in our Divine nature.

Astrological Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the Zodiacal Wheel. It is of a mutable (flexibility, adaptability, endings that flow into beginnings) modality and aligns alchemically with Water. These are the waters that move with intention and purpose and Pisces uses this adaptable flow to heal, exemplify loving compassion and a deep understanding of humanity vs. self. Its directive is one of service and seeing the best in each individual. This is both is boon and its downfall, which if not offered from a space of discernment and clarity can result in depletion and delusion regarding what is real and what is wishful thinking. Thinking on these attributes, it is clear to understand how Jupiter (expansive water”s tides) and Neptune (the higher nature clouded and not true in its real nature) work on Pisces’ emotional outpourings and high levels of sensitivity to others needs.

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What Do You Want To Manifest?

The workings of Neptune and Jupiter as partners in their home of Pisces calls us to exploring how we may express the fullest nature of both our mundane and Divine aspects of who we are. There is no one size fits all in doing this work. For some it may take the form of developing their spiritual practice to be more aligned to who they wish to be as a corporeal being. For others it may be a matter of finding their place of authenticity in their interactions with others; being truthful and cultivating the balance between true kindness and deserved judgement.

Oh, Did I Mention That This Was the First Round?

The date of April 12th represents the first and most direct wave of impact for the Neptune -Jupiter conjunction. There is, however, a second conjunction in the Fall (November) when Jupiter returns to align in conjunction with slower moving Neptune-this time within 6-degrees rather than directly in line (same degree) with. With this in mind and the effects of this conjunction will be felt all of this year. This means that whatever arises for you as the work of this April conjunction will have time to settle in, reshape itself, ebb and flow in intensity and focus and have the advantage of the Nov. lesser conjunction to reassess, refine and tweak.

What House Will the Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction Impact?

A relatively simple preparation for this conjunction is finding out which house in your natal chart the conjunction will transit. To this end, I recently gave a brief talk regarding this and more information about the conjunction and its timing. The links to the recording and the pdf that was used are below.

Listen to the audio here:

Download the accompanying pdf:

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