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The First Full Moon of 2016

Posted in Astrology, Esbat, Full Moon on January 22, 2016 by themagickalpen

January 23.2016

Full Moon in Leo

Saturday’s lunation marks the first of 2016’s Full Moons. Mother Moon shines brightly in the astrological sign of Leo. Father sun has just entered his reign in the Fixed Air of Aquarius and the conversation is one of charismatic strength of heart (Moon in Leo) and an illuminated mind (Sun in Aquarius) of future’s vision and the potential therein.

Add to this Retrograde Mercury in earthy Capricorn, just about ready to station direct and 16-day old Retrograde Jupiter in analytical and practical Virgo and the recipe is ripe for getting (Mercury) right to the heart of the matter (Virgo) while maintaining a flexible (Jupiter) attitude.

And, what about it being the first Full Moon of the year? That’s pretty cool as well with some very potent energy that may be called upon with a very specific intention. Numerologically, 2016 resonates to the number 9 (2+1+6); the number of transmutation, endings, beginnings and the thresholds that are crossed as old becomes new. This is the space and potential of initiation into the mysteries of the unknown.

What better way to begin this year of transformation than under the watchful gaze of of the fiery Moon of Leo. Not just any fire, but Fixed Fire. you know, these are the fires that burn strong as they remove what no longer is viable and prepare the way for what “can become”. Use this Full Moon to heat the waters of your own creative nature and catalyze the dialogue the sun of your will and the moon of your heart’s capacity to stand strong and roar loudly as you fiercely protect what you hold most dear.

What will you claim as your power in this new year?

On the night of this Leo Moon, I will sit on the shores of my vast ocean. Head lifted and mane flowing as I lay in regal repose. The tides will flow and I will remain as guardian of the Gates that hold the mysteries of the depths of who and what I will become. And, in morning sun’s light, all that I envisioned and all that was revealed will ride the arc of sun’s light and I will carry the memory of this moonlit night and the power of my fullest expression into the promise of a year of transformation. 

So Mote It Be!!!

A side note: Geographically, where I live we are expecting a blizzard this weekend. Saturday is predicted to be the mid-point of this blanketing of heavy and very wet snow. How to tweak a bit more intention from this lunation?

I will be en-visioning the spark of growth that lay beneath this snow. The ground is cold and frozen but life stirs within it; ready to brighten the world at March’s end. This is the promise that all initiatory experience (remember the 9 of this year) holds. This is the work of that process. To provide what appears to be the challenge of freezing over what we wish to see blossoming sooner rather than later. But, in the wisdom and intelligence of the heart (Moon) and the strength (Sun) of what will ultimately “be”, this is merely the means to stir into action and catalyze (Leo) what is quickening beneath as natural response to this imposed state of contractive creation (Jupiter Retrograde). Nonetheless, the message is clear (Mercury getting ready to station Direct) and nature in her abundance takes hold. Life stirs beneath the snow and frozen earth and although hidden for now from visible sight, the priming of Spring’s first budding becomes the vision that warms the soul (Aquarius) on the cold winter’s night.

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