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In the Aura of the Full Moon in Taurus and Lunar Eclipse

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November 8.2022

5:59am EST

The Blood Moon and the Ancestors of Samhain

I had promised this as a post our astrological 14-Days countdown and as is often the case in all matters magickal/spiritual, the timing could not have been more supportive of the work accomplished in those 14-days.

This November moon is often called the Blood Moon, and the lunar tides that emanate from its waxing carry a reminder of the waters of our blood.   This is the blood that connects us to our Ancestors.  This is the blood that carries the memories of our lineage, both biologically and collectively as beings of humanity. And, the promise of this moon is one of using its energies to bring into manifestation a more refined way of instinctual being.

The Astrology of the Day

In the wee hours of this morning a Total Lunar Eclipse of the Blood Full Moon in astrological Taurus began the morning of Election Day 2022. Lots going on with today’s energies and the palpable flood of lunar, solar and earth dialogue is heightened by the retrogrades stations of:

Mars in astrological Gemini = assertive and pointed communication;

Jupiter in astrological Pisces = expansive overflow or constriction of emotions and deeper intuition;

Neptune in astrological Pisces = entering the deep, dark waters of our subconscious yearnings;


Uranus in astrological Taurus = over stimulating and amplifying the neurological state of manifest instinctual being. This planetary directive works though amping up the Full Moon tides and since Uranus is also in astrological Taurus it becomes a point of over stimulation within the manifest nature. 

Astrological Taurus is an earth sign and its domain is one of manifest form attending to its needs for survival. The gift of Taurus however is found in its Fixed (modality) nature. This is the space of synthesis and drawing together everything that catalyzes (Cardinal modality), coalescing and then emanating from its refinement that which is more agile in its abilities (Mutable modality).

Let’s Just Keep It Going

Add to all of this churning energetic catalyst of the Sun now at its mid-point peak of astrological Scorpio. How this energy is used and directed can determine the outcome of what becomes overwrought or what course corrects towards more productive use. If the choice is to remain in Scorpio’s den of the scorpion, sudden strikes and blows are sure to come to the surface. If the grace of the Eagle is called upon the chance for more discernment in what rightfully should be taken as prey and what is of no productive interest in sustaining life could manifest.

And, as uncomfortable as transmutation may be, if Scorpio’s Phoenix is allowed to arise opportunity for a rebirth and healing is in the offering.

Alchemically within the movement of the Lunar Eclipse of Fire (Sun) – Earth and Water (Moon) aligning at the peak point, each flows one into the other and becomes the first spark of fires within the waters of manifest form. Humanity (the corporeal earth beings) is flanked and the electromagnetic charge of the spiritual Sun calls to the polarities of the Lunar tides of the Moon. The dross of the unproductive mantle of our manifest form is burned away and the healing waters of our deepened gnosis arise as we move through its gates and emerge anew.

What Does It All Mean?

Ultimately, this is an opportunity to give attention to all that supports our manifest needs (Taurus Moon). An opportunity to bring into the light the choice of whether we wish to continue forward on a course of aggression based fear (Mars in Gemini), or dive with courage into the less familiar spaces of our psyche (Neptune in Pisces), allowing to ebb and flow (Jupiter in Pisces) what arises to the surface. And, in these moments of dipping into these waters that are catalytic in their potential, a new way of navigating our corporeal world can emerge as we stand in the reciprocity of illuminating our manifest self (Lunar Eclipse of Sun – Earth and Moon) and becoming the Divine spark (Uranus in Taurus) that will transform this earthly life….

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