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Day Fourteen: Riding the Waves

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July 21

Waxing Full in Capricorn

Void of Course 11:53am

July 21

Today marks the holding point before the incoming energies of Aquarius and the fullness of Lady Moon.  It  feels as though these energies are primed and ready to burst forth. It reminds me of  how the overwhelming pressure of water on a dam at times proves too much; allowing the waters to break through flowing freely, strongly and of  their own accord.

The moon spent most of the morning hours in Capricorn, and I tried to fully embrace  the proverbial scaling of the heights and reaching into the depths  that typifies Capricorn.  After working my Full Moon Ritual last night and calling on the energies of Cardinal Earth to anchor this work, I bolstered that goal this morning with a short meditation envisioning myself fully grounded and aligned with all parts of myself functioning like the buoy in the midst of a stormy sea.  It rises and crests remaining intact despite the chaos and disruption surrounding.

Ironically, today is Sunday so I am turning my attention towards the tasks to be accomplished for the week, the reaching out that is required and the social collaboration that is needed.  All of this on the evening before the Moon reaches its fullness in the sign of Aquarius-the global citizen with foci of attention on the greater humanity.

With most of the day having been spent with the moon void and transiting from one sign to the other, I am feeling as though today is the last day to ride the waves of Cancer’s crests. This void is the neutrality before entering its new sign.  The Sun is positioning to leave the sign of Cancer tomorrow and will enter the astrological energy of Leo for whom it is the ruling planet. So, I will gather all the skill I have honed attuning to the strength of the Sun’s light shining fully in the intuitive mysteries of the lunarscape of Cancer and see where my point of balance has shifted so I may continue the movement forward with each rising of the emotional waters as this journey continues.


Day Two: Opening

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July 9, 2013

Waxing Moon in Leo

Sun in Cancer


The Moon transited into the astrological sign of Leo at 6:48* this morning. Leo is a Fixed Modality astrological sign.  We began this exploration in the Cardinal Modality of Cancer; drawing on that energy of initial outpouring  and beginning of expansion. Moving to the Fixed modality offers stability to what has begun its process of growth.  Leo is of the Fire element. This stability comes in the form of applied heat, will and energy.

The moon in this sign could be compared to the energies of Fire (Leo) of Water (Moon).  The proverbial action towards boiling the waters to achieve the correct temperature to adequately change one substance’s form  into that of another form.

My thoughts today go towards selecting what parts of my emotional baggage may need to be brought front and center for closer scrutiny.  This requires assertion on my part of my will and desire to make changes at this level; or to allow them to remain buried.  The Lion (Leo) out of necessity must go on the hunt to nourish, feed and sustain (Moon) its pride. It must also seize the opportunities that are presented or risk belaboring the process because of ill placed timing or selection.

Maybe the lessons of this day’s energy is seizing the moment. Taking firm hold of what needs to be converted into useable energy and then chowing down, emotionally satisfied and standing firm on ground that is shifting and moving to open the way for change.


* a little numerology of interest.  The Moon passed into Leo at 6:48 this morning. So,



9= Thresholds, triplicity of the Triune nature, gates, endings, initiatory and transformative experiences and the catalytic will towards change. It is both endings and beginnings of the next phase of numerical sequence or transition in the life stage. Seemed appropriate given the fiery will of Leo!

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