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Day Eighteen: Meet Me at the Water’s Edge

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July 25

Waning Moon in Pisces

Sun in Leo

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 11.58.06 AM

Today the Moon remains in the sign of Pisces until 2:43pm this afternoon when it goes void until 5:29pm tomorrow afternoon. I am not one who regularly dreams, but last night my dreamscape was full with emotionally charged images and scenarios.  I woke up feeling a bit drained.  The earlier part of the day felt waterlogged and sluggish and despite my usual morning high amp coffee I felt like I was moving through thick liquid.

This is that flexible, expansive mutable quality of Pisces.  You push and it pulls you back a bit.  You push harder still and the rebound is even greater. You surrender and push ever so slightly and you find yourself making headway in a productive way.  I feel like I’m pushing too hard and the push back is a bit overwhelming.  The moon is nearing the end of the three day energy on either side of fullness and the waning and subtlety of its impact is beginning to reveal itself.

I am feeling pressured today to make some choices, all of which I can’t rely exclusively on my mental agility to carry me through.  I will need to bring my heart into the equation and try to make decisions that are based on what are the best options for all concerned.  My thoughts are that I should be cautious about how much of my emotional self I lend, because I feel as though that is the level that I will be holding as we move into the void this afternoon and through  several hours tomorrow.  I’m feeling the same anticipation that is felt when you are standing at the edge of the beach.  The tide brings water in and you stand just far enough forward on the drying sand to feel the coolness of the water splash over your feet but not so far that the water covers you more than you wish. And, if you go just a few feet more, the sand holds you captive as the tide rushes back to the sea.  Not knowing how to swim, this is not in my comfort zone and always feels as though the bottom is falling out underneath me.

Similar to the feeling I’ve had all day.  Like there is no anchored bottom of support underneath.  Just muddiness and a sinking feeling.  This makes me think more deeply abut what I have noticed of my Piscean relatives and colleagues about getting stuck in the stickiness of your own emotions.  You mean well, but the outpour is simply more than could be handled and the result is no where to go but down. So, deep breath in to create the needed buoyancy, lay back into the current and let it support you without struggle or you directing the course.

Take a look at the picture below and read through the poem as you sit in the glow of your full and new moon candles tonight. They are a reminder of the ebb and flow of the cycle and the need for the withdrawal of the waters back to their source, often leaving dryness and emptiness where they had so deeply touched. But always, with the promise of return, for there is nothing else they can do but surrender to their natural state of being.

vb5Photo Credit: Lloyd Lauland

Seeker Through the Veil

A Poem of the Energy of Pisces

Compassion spills and overflows
the oceans of my Soul
Each drop moving through
rivulets of prismatic depths.

A cadence of virtuosity as
fingers move in pizzicato
rhythm across ephemeral strings~
the sounds of empathetic release.

Seeker of that which is
just beyond the grasp
slips like sand through
the funnel of glass measured time.

And Devotion pools at the base
of sun-parched throats
that willingly endure the pain
to spare another the distress.

Martyr and miracle
Saint and sacrifice
each flow in opposition
until the water clears
and the darkened path
of return is revealed
in the depths of mysterious
waters as compassion
fills my thirst-quenched

Day Seventeen: Looking For Compassion

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July 24

Waning Moon Enters Pisces

Sun in Leo

July 24

The morning holds the moon void before it transits into the astrological sign of Pisces at 2:22pm this afternoon.  Pisces is the last sign on the zodiacal wheel and in the cyclical nature and flow of the zodiac, if compared to the human stages of development would be the Elder of the zodiac.   Pisces is of the Mutable (flexibility, endings and the threshold of beginnings) modality and of the Water element.  And, since one sign informs and flows into its new form as the next, the visionary mind of Aquarius now pours into the murky depths of intuitive and emotional waters in the most compassionate and empathetic of the signs- Pisces.  The symbol for Pisces is that of the Fish which gives some insight into the nature of this sign and the veil through which Pisces must try to reach a point of clarity. For those born with Pisces as a driving force of their natal charts there is great capacity for compassion, empathy and depths of human interaction that causes transformation, but if they are controlled solely by their emotions and see only the murky perspectives that looking through water can produce, they can become the victim that gives all but never really is productive being unnecessarily drained. More about the energy of Pisces tomorrow.

My focus for today is on flowing with my emotions, but also doing the work needed to reserve judgment and assessment of where to spend my emotional energy until I can see more clearly.  These thoughts are percolating as I wait out the void of the morning and I am allowing all sorts of images and memories to just move through my consciousness as they will.

My biggest challenge for this moon’s placement is a personal one.  My natal sun is Aquarius and I have been surrounded by Pisceans continually throughout my life.  My husband, my mother, 3 of our 5 children, 3 bosses and an assortment of others are all natal sun Pisces. Being very logical by nature has presented some discord, learning the art of compromise and major work to balance head and heart to  ensure that these relationships are productive for all concerned.  With the waning of the moon’s energies and the opportunity for letting go of so tightly holding onto the reins, I want to “feel” my way through these two days.  The urgency that was felt as the moon waxed is lessening and there is a kind of calmness that is moving in.

Some of the people that I routinely encounter seem a bit softer around the edges than normally; or perhaps its my intent of projecting from a more compassionate and understanding place that is evoking these responses.  Regardless, it also reminds me of the great power we hold in our affect on others.  It also reminds me that having a softer side does not necessarily imply weakness or loss of control, but is actually the stronger and more courageous approach.  I have seen this repeatedly in my Mother, as well as the extreme of  overwhelming misplaced compassion that makes one the victim.  I am looking for the balance of light and dark, fullness and void to reshape and remake the foundations I have so rigidly clung to. I am looking for just enough compassion to forgive myself for charging ahead when I should have placed myself in the other’s shoes and speaking my opinions before feeling my way through the consequences of the harshness of those words.

This was the only entry in my journal for today as I stared deeply into the flames of Silver and White candles and envisioned their beams as the twin fish of Pisces.

Open my Soul
To the understanding
Of my heart’s hunger.

Open my Mind
To the intelligence
Of a gentle embrace.

Open my Spirit
To the wisdom
Of a compassionate
Life well lived.

1ff0fae7ccb36b8e77dcf40c6c7af5e6Artwork:  Michael McGloin

Day Five: Let Me Break It Down

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July 12

Waxing Moon in Virgo

Sun in Cancer


Describe to me again
In detail what it is
That you want me to do.

If you can give me
Sufficient information
I can draw a
Finely tuned conclusion.

But, if you omit the
Fine points I will be
Forced to search
Until I have the
Information I need.*

Today the moon stands fully under the grace of the astrological sign of Virgo. Remember on its qualities is that of flexible expansion thus making it both the ending and the germinating space for what follows. I had some quiet time to myself today at home and I took the time to look around at the physical space our family had created.  I tried to open to how I felt about various items that held a place of memory and unravel the complexity of those feelings and the way in which they intertwined with those of my family connected to them.

Virgo’s ruling planet is Gemini. One of the actions of Geminian energy is that is awakening the creative potential of mind through the process of outward expression. Placed in action upon the mental/emotional self there is great potential to reveal what truly matters in your life and how to express the value of those gifts.  As physical beings we have great capacity for mental process expressed through love.  This feels like a good day to call upon this energy and support to take a closer look at what is really important to me.

I pulled each thought and emotion up as threads of all that went into their making as they wind tightly around.  I called upon the energy of the Moon to sort and clear away those that were simply illusions of what the real feelings were.  As I sat in this meditation I saw myself smiling in contentment  at the life I had created for myself. I saw all those I loved and cherished surrounding me hearts open and love reaching outward from each to the other and to me.  I saw glowing around my neck a gift of the Goddess. A strand of opalescent pearls, droplets of love infused water strung one to the other on an ephemeral strand of moonlight silk.  Each held one of the cherished memories I had carefully selected and each was with me always.


* Excerpted in part from: It’s Written in the Stars-Virgo.R.Fennelly

Day Four: Cubism

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July 11

Waxing Moon into Virgo

Sun in Cancer


The lunar energies continue with the last vestiges of Leo’s energy until 3:54pm when the moon goes void.  A 6:12p.m. lady moon moves into the astrological sign of Virgo.  Virgo is of the Earth element and Mutable in quality.  Those signs that are Mutable offer the the greatest flexibility, having received the pressure of form and coalescence from the fixed state and act to continue the cycle in an expansive more pliable way.  The earthy element of this moon is the place that remains steadfast and has potential to act as container for the flow of watery emotions, giving them permeable form and structure.  Virgo is the great analyzer and organizer.  It is her energy that scrupulously and meticulously makes sense of what could become chaos.  It’s ruling planet is Mercury- the great communicator, so I want to tap into that flow of communication between my intuitive nature and my responsive feeling active self.

When I had an opportunity at lunch break to focus more fully on what I was feeling, the surrounding energy felt thicker and heavier than I had noted yesterday.  There was a sense of stickiness as I walked kind of like what I would imagine it would feel like to walk between two lint rollers ( and no it wasn’t because of the humidity LOL!) Whereas yesterday felt energized and prickly it was more of a constant state of alert vs. simply being more aware.

I am looking to this energy to soothe and settle some of the flares from the Leo energy. There is a sense of a cooling down period so that what I boiled up to the light in the previous days’ energies can now take shape into something that will be solidly anchored. I am also sending the intention of using the energy of this being the 4th day of waxing moon.  FOUR being the number of equilateral foundation. All sides, angles and perspectives in balanced support of one another.  Body- Mind- Heart and Will holding the enlivened liquid of the deeper mysteries of my own flexible and fluid nature in a manner that will allow for maximum growth.


Image: Webst3R

An interesting side note going back to yesterday.  I received an email this morning that a writing project of mine had gone live yesterday.  This project is going to encourage me to dig deeper into my personal feelings than my usual writing does and connect with the reader in a slightly different way.  Makes me think about the peak energy of Leo Moon yesterday and one of the Leo attributes of center-stage and in the spotlight.  Add the emotional/personal equation of the writing and today’s email to ground and settle my emotions into a more productive form.

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