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Day Twenty-One: Entering the Void

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July 28

Waning Moon

Void of Course

Sun in Leo


The Moon remains void all day today and until 12:43am Monday Morning. We’re leaving the energy of Fire (Aries) and transiting into the Earthy foundations of Taurus. I variety of images and analogies came to mind as the day progressed.  My initial thoughts were that of the earth, transparent on the surface to the intensity and nature of heated transformation that is taking place below.

This period of transition is one of moving from the Cardinal or initial outpour of energies that was Aries into what will wrangle it into structured form in the Fixed modality of Taurus.  Additionally, the movement is from the element of Fire to Earth.  The slow and steady burning of a fire that is fueled by wood reducing it down and giving way to the remaining manifest form of ash that is the byproduct.

Emotionally, kinda feels like staring into blackened waters. You know that there is light in there and  you sense some sort of structure forming, but it is not yet clear and you are unsure about what the resulting product will be. Not much to do today other than to hold steady as a new foundation is crafted.

I spent some time just looking deeply into the flame of the white candle I had lit at the full moon as I connected to the energies of the day. The words of the poem below rose up as I was writing and I surrendered to the stillness of pause before the moon took its place in the energy of Taurus.


I looked into
The Great deep
And black inky
Waters flowed.

I looked into
The Great deep
And eyes wide with
Wonder peered back.

I looked into
The Great deep
And tiny sparks
Of red flame flickered.

I looked into
The Great deep
And saw the
Newly formed
Foundation of my making
Rising up from flowing
Flame filled waters
to greet me.

Day Sixteen: Looking Further

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July 23

Waning Moon in Aquarius

Moon Void at 10:01 am.

Sun in Leo

July 23

Today has been a rather odd day. I arrived at work very early greeted by seven or so crows on the roof of the building.  The air had the quality of Fall and the whole day has felt like the pressure that existed for the days prior had suddenly been released.  As I was driving to work I was thinking about the next transit of the moon into Pisces tomorrow at 2:22p.m. and what emotional stirrings that would evoke.  Apparently there was a huge thunder storm (and lightening) last night which I slept soundly through. Usually the air feels clean and vibrant the next day, but not the case.  Although there was less a feeling of pressure, the air seemed denser as though consisting of finer particles.

The moon went void today at 10:01am and so I am just trying to relax my usual pushing to make breakthroughs  that accompanies an Aquarius Full Moon (Aquarius is my natal Sun) and see how much further and more clearly I can see without the unnecessary pressure.  Not much to write- it’s just one of those days!


Day Fifteen: On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

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July 22

Full Moon in Aquarius at 2:16 p.m.

Sun Enters Leo at 11:56 am.

July 22 Full

Today we arrive at the Full Moon and the progression of the Sun into the astrological sign of Leo. We have moved from the strength and light (the Sun) of the flowing and depth of renewed and healing waters (in Cardinal sign of Cancer) and are now transitioned into the full impact of the Fixed Fire of Leo.  It will be the heat and scrutiny of this Solar energy that will work in tandem with that of the lunar cycle we have begun. If you remember I made reference in the beginning that we were starting this journey at the New Moon in Cancer which falls midway after the Sun had moved into the same sign.  I like to think of this pattern as the strengthening and bringing into the light of the next phase of energy that the Moon in its Newness will take up the work of refining and softening what has been previously established.  Similar to the cooling down and then refining of the heated metal as the sword with direct and sharpness of point is crafted.

Now we have the fixed (or stabilized) energy of the Leo Sun to energize fully the Moon’s flow as the release and waning of the moon begins from the point of fullness here forward. In balance to the Sun’s astrological energy, the Moon is Full in its polar opposite sign of Aquarius.  Aquarius is of the Air element and also of the Fixed Modality.  The expression of the Full Moon in Aquarius is ripe for expression and bringing to the forefront visionary and creative ideas.  The impulse of Aquarius is one of service to humanity- not the individual- but the collective whole of humanity. The tension that is created between the Sun in Leo (Fire and Will) and the Moon in Aquarius (Air and Mind) is often one of ego driven will of the singular “I” (Leo) versus true humanitarian action through inspired thought (Aquarius) for the benefit of “All”.  The mid point of balance between these extremes is in balancing the intelligence (Aquarius) of the Heart (Lunar) with Mindful and overt(Solar) action (Leo).

I know this might seem like a lot to process, but there is nothing simple about today’s energies.  The potential and the density of that potential in being able to step fully into a more service-oriented capacity is abundant.  In fact, one of the attributes of Leo is calling attention to oneself and being in the spotlight as a leader. Add the Aquarian mind of today’s Full Moon and you have the visionary and the role model that can problem solve what the future has yet to birth. So, in simple terms what all of this means is that as we move through the transiting of the Moon in completion of this journey, we can bring these transformed depths of emotion and intuitive sight into the spotlight.  We can more fully live and bring into the light of day the example of all parts of our self working in accord with what our vision of that true SELF is.  This essence of the ferocity of enlivened Will is going to be useful as we move into the waning cycle of the Moon’s phases and approach the shadow of moon and darkening of Her light.

As I sat in meditation today, these were the energies that I wanted to align with. I envisioned the strength and fire of Leo moving across every corner and space of our planet.  I thought of how this Light could heal and cleanse what could no longer hide in the shadows under its watchful eye.  I called to mind the ability to process and understand the greater potential that is held within humanity.  I thought of the courage needed to step across the threshold of a new age and the energies of Aquarius being informed by compassion and insight. I lit the New Moon and Full Moon candles and gave thanks for the work of anchoring I had done two days prior. I felt the surge of energy and saw as though from great heights out beyond the horizon and the scope of what I could possibly dare to dream.  The moon shone full and bright and lit up the sky infused with a deep golden glow that signified the union of Will and Heart. I offered up thanks for all that I have learned about myself so far on this journey and asked for the clarity to be able to share these gifts and insights with others.


Sun roars
And shakes its
Heavy mane
Standing watch
Across brilliance
Of Sky light.

Echoes of low rumbling
Are made by
Man’s beating of
Heavy wing and
Mind soars
Ablaze with
Lion’s golden breath.

Sun filled Lion sits
Regally surveying
All of his lands
As the gentle
Hand of One
Who knows all
Lovingly strokes
His flaming mane.

Day Ten: Rise Like the Phoenix

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July 17

Waxing Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Cancer

July 17

Today is Day 10 and my Lunar Return day. My natal Moon is in Scorpio and so the day of the month that the Moon resides fully in Scorpio is considered a Lunar Return day for me. Your Lunar Return day would be the day the Moon transits into the nearest same degree (position) and astrological sign as it was at the time of your birth.   I usually use the energy of this day to deepen my intuitive sight and to dig a little deeper into those areas of my emotional self that like to hide out.

Instinctively, I usually feel the Moon in Scorpio.  I tend to be in a slightly darker place. Self-doubts often bubble up, often without provocation. In general, I tend to be less accepting and shorter in patience.  Over the years, age has settled some of this, but there are always those inner dialogues and feelings you have that no matter how much you try still claim hold at certain times.  The good news is that knowing that the Moon is going to be stirring this up when its energies are in the natal sign helps in learning how to control, embrace and make more positive use of this time.

As I think about the energies running through the previous days as compared to those of today, there seems a sense of expansion and growth.  This is in keeping with the waxing moon phase and in comparison to a life cycle we would be in or mid-20’s early 30’s.  More responsibilities, things a bit more intense in nature and more information about who you are, where you are going and what the options are.  Applying this to this day’s energy of Scorpio, all that emotional baggage that you’ve brought forward, is ready to be dealt with and success or failure will depend entirely on how well you can accept those flaws.

What needs working on today is clearer if I remember that Scorpio is also about the discernment and keen eyesight of the Eagle.  Rising above the situation instead of being carried down into the drama carried on winds that move and support the weight of what is carried airborne. The third aspect of Scorpio is the Phoenix; the evolved and uplifted form of the scorpion and eagle.

I am going to use the energy of the 10th day of this cycle as well. I think of the number 10 as being the opportunity to work on the singular 1 (or singular I of myself) in collaboration with the limitless all of the Divine or the number 0.  So, I am going to dig even deeper today to excavate those parts of myself that need transformation and can potentially be the fires that are reborn as the Phoenix rises.


The sands of time
Shift and flow from
One tightly held container
To another.

The truths of my own
History’s stories are
Drawn up from the darkness
And into the blazing sun.

I examine them
And relearn the
Greater lessons contained
In each.

And, once mastered and reclaimed
As paths back to myself
My Spirit soars and all
See me as transformed.

The burden has been lifted.
And, I look once again
Towards the full
Light of Day.

Day Nine: Entering Deep Waters

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July 16

Waxing Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Cancer

July 16

The Moon moves into the astrological sign of Scorpio at 10:24am. Scorpio is of the Water element and a Fixed sign.  My natal Moon is in Scorpio so each monthly cycle of return to this astrological position offers an adrenalin like charge of focused application of these energies towards awaken within myself a deeper understanding of this state of being.

The flow of today feels much more subtle in outpour and as though there could be things overlooked if attention is not given to the messages that are left unspoken and the actions left undone. 

Today is a day to tread carefully as those emotions that are trying to get your attention will be much more persistent in their action.  The fixed nature of water that is held in Scorpio can be similar to the dam that serves to control, bind and hold forces that would naturally continue in their path of movement, mindless of what they carry along with them. I have noticed that often when the moon is in Scorpio, people can be swept away in expressing their deepest held feelings and not always as considerate or caring in how these feelings are expressed.

I think the cautionary tale here is similar to that of diving and the incremental steps that are taken as you submerge deeper and deeper into unknown waters. The most important phase to this however, comes in the ascent; rising too quickly can cause embolism and undue pressure on the sinuses and ears.  Just the precise amount of time and energy must be exerted so that lungs have time to re-acclimate and physical body remains intact.

When we enter the deep waters of our own emotional landscape, there is often the push to get in and out as quickly as possible for fear that what we find may keep us in the shadows and weigh us down with negative actions.

There will always be those ugly things that lurk in the depths of our emotional and mental spaces; but there are also the beautiful creatures of light, much like the phosphorescent fish of the deep that light the way and offer a new understanding of all that we hold within ourselves.  So, with these thoughts in mind I am going to take a deep breath and begin my careful and calculated descent and be open and receptive to what lay hidden in the deep.



Tomorrow the Moon will be in Scorpio the entirety of the day.  It will be interesting to see what mysteries I can bring to the light of the surface.

Day Eight: Refining and Polishing

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July 15

Waxing Moon in Libra

First Quarter

Sun in Cancer

July 15 1stQRTR

Today is the Eighth day of our journey and the Moon remains in Libra until 11:18pm tonight (turning void). Today also marks the First Quarter of the moon phase cycle.  The moon is nearing completion of Her fullness and the time to refine, polish and bring to a state of beauty is at hand.  If we successfully draw on these discerning qualities, the emotional state we bring forward tomorrow into the depths of highly intuitive Scorpio will be ready for transformation.

I find myself spending some time today, thinking about how I can better balance my first impulses to react from Mind and strengthen my Emotions  to be responsive.  I am realizing that going back and forth between the two is productive only when I don’t allow either to gain dominance and tip the point of balance. I am thinking back to the characteristics and temperament of my grandmother whose sun sign was Libra.  Her thoughts and emotions were all centered around refinement of the aspects of her life.  That is not to say she was wealthy, but she gravitated towards those things that were of quality.  She was a musician and writer; largely self-taught in the venue bringing a creative spark to everything she tried. She could be extremely hard when it came to expressing her emotions, allowing herself to go to the extremes of balance at times and some might feel this was because she did not really care enough.  I think this comes from perhaps caring so much that what you express is perfect, refined and exactly what is needed that barriers go up, mind takes over and what comes out is not at all what or how you planned.

So, my work today is that of finding that center point. Thinking with the intelligence of my heart and feeling from the wisdom of my informed mind. I am thinking about this being the eighth day of this project and that the number EIGHT signifies the cycle of return and receipt.  If you turn the number eight sideways you have the geometric form of the Lemniscate of eternity. I think of this symbol as being the the twin gates (open circle on either side) that can be accessed in the recycling and refining of our emotional state, throughout the space of limitless time.  This is part of the evolutionary process of the Soul and the informed state it brings to the eternal Spirit. This acts as a cleaning process  that refines and  restores the brilliance of Silvery light to its original patina.


Here’s the recipe:

1/slice of Silvery Moonlight- emotion and revealing the heart of the matter

Salt- Earth and abrasive removal to wipe the slate clean of the accumulated debris of imbalanced mind and heart

Lemon Juice- Fire of water provides the proper acidity to render and transmute as the restorative process begins

Gloves- the necessary barrier to prevent breakdown of flesh and maintain the refined state of holding onto what needs cleansing and polishing

Results:  Plan the process out, work diligently and the beauty of Luna’s light will shine brightly!

Day Two: Opening

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July 9, 2013

Waxing Moon in Leo

Sun in Cancer


The Moon transited into the astrological sign of Leo at 6:48* this morning. Leo is a Fixed Modality astrological sign.  We began this exploration in the Cardinal Modality of Cancer; drawing on that energy of initial outpouring  and beginning of expansion. Moving to the Fixed modality offers stability to what has begun its process of growth.  Leo is of the Fire element. This stability comes in the form of applied heat, will and energy.

The moon in this sign could be compared to the energies of Fire (Leo) of Water (Moon).  The proverbial action towards boiling the waters to achieve the correct temperature to adequately change one substance’s form  into that of another form.

My thoughts today go towards selecting what parts of my emotional baggage may need to be brought front and center for closer scrutiny.  This requires assertion on my part of my will and desire to make changes at this level; or to allow them to remain buried.  The Lion (Leo) out of necessity must go on the hunt to nourish, feed and sustain (Moon) its pride. It must also seize the opportunities that are presented or risk belaboring the process because of ill placed timing or selection.

Maybe the lessons of this day’s energy is seizing the moment. Taking firm hold of what needs to be converted into useable energy and then chowing down, emotionally satisfied and standing firm on ground that is shifting and moving to open the way for change.


* a little numerology of interest.  The Moon passed into Leo at 6:48 this morning. So,



9= Thresholds, triplicity of the Triune nature, gates, endings, initiatory and transformative experiences and the catalytic will towards change. It is both endings and beginnings of the next phase of numerical sequence or transition in the life stage. Seemed appropriate given the fiery will of Leo!

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