Full Moon in Gemini-Keep It Simple and Speak the Truth

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December 13.2016
Full Moon in Gemini
7:05p.m. (EST)

Sun in Sagittarius

The Moon waxes Full this evening in the astrological sign of Gemini. This is energy that is Mutable, aka: flexible and flowing from endings to beginnings. Both Sun and Moon are in Mutable signs, the Sun now peaking into its later energies of Sagittarius. This is the gift of Air (Gemini) fanning the fires of action and outreach (Sagittarius). The mutable component offers the choice of how that flexibility is expressed. Will you seek the application of too much air which extinguishes the creative flame established or just enough which continually fuels the flame as it grows exponentially?

Gemini’s gift is communication in all of its forms. It is mind having the ability to take the next steps informed by the experience of interaction and conversing and then being able to “turn on a dime” guiding that conversation in a completely opposite direction. Mother Moon boasts emotions reserves and when the waters begin to move in agitation the conversation becomes louder as the waterfall flows in strong descent disrupting all that lay beneath.

Keep it Simple…

In general, the Full Moon is a time when Moon and Sun stand in opposition (or directly opposite one another) on the Great Astrological wheel. This is a point of tension that can be used advantageously as each dynamic is pulled more towards the precise blending of what is needed for any given situation. Gemini loves to inform and moves quickly from information to information, sampling all, but often not internalizing or synthesizing any one thing. Sagittarius takes careful aim at what it choses to set afire and stretches to the limits (think the archer’s bow, symbol of Sag) fueled by its passion and desire to spread the action around. So, here with have both the ability to communicate and inform, and have that synthesized thought flexed and stretched as it is released from an anchored bow with precise aim and highest intention of will.

As much as you may wish to express yourself to the fullest extent, presenting all sides of every debatable issue, keep it simple. Offer the breath of pause so that clarity can flow from words uttered having had time to gather the necessary information. Breathe into what the next outpouring of mind will bring and draw the bow string of Sagittarius’ will back into the deep waters of heart-filled truth.

Speak Your Truth…

As heart (Moon) and mind (airy Gemini) weave intimately the product of creation is one of formulating those truths that you may claim as your own. Let Father Sun and the Sagittarian desire to expand its dynamic will to action fuel those truths sending them out on arrows of impact and precision in goal.

The turbulence of these past few months (a singular culmination of stressful build up) now requires us to be fully present and cognizant of how we express ourselves in the larger world. If cultivated in a mindful way informed by what we feel having also taken the time to examine all sides of the equation, these truths become “words to live by”.

This is an excellent time to re-evaluate and settle in more deeply to what we hold as the beliefs true for ourselves and the ideals we hold for those in our lives. Moreover, now is also the time to forge communication between what we feel to be true and what we know if the truth. These are extraordinarily simple steps to take, but in that simplicity is the complexity of remaining fully present in the healing waters that we have chosen to quicken by the fires of our core beliefs.

This is the fullness of Mother Moon in Geminian communication with all parts of self; ready and emboldened as the light of Father Sun offers the gates of new beginnings as the ground of seeding.

May this Moon find you blessed…

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A Shot in the Dark: New Moon in Sagittarius

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November 29.2016
New Moon in Sagittarius
7:18a.m. (EST)

Sun in Sagittarius

There are times when we feel powerless in affecting change in the way that we would wish. Times that are particularly difficult to navigate and the anticipation of what the future will bring is colored by doubt and fear. We push and strain to let our voices be heard and in the best of it, we step more fully into our power. In the worst, we feel that all of our efforts have been a shot in the dark. Each strike sent out from a tense bow of frustration and an exaggerated aim that often overreaches the goal we loosely had in mind.

These are the times we are facing now, with recent political events looming large and ominous in the United States and global affairs precarious in their awaiting the outcome of the collective mind of the USA and alliances that had been made. So, how do we make use of this New Moon in collectively minded Sagittarius and a Solar boost to this astrological Fire that is Mutable; which means flexibility and adaptability. This is also a Fire of will to action that expands and contracts as thresholds of endings and beginnings test the boundaries of where that action is directed and how willful we are in burning through it.

These are also the fires of newly ignited flames; in other words there is the potential for the fire to completely go out if it is not fed carefully and appropriately with skillful attention to placement of breath/air and intention.

We are nearing the end of November and with the advent and waxing of Mother Moon into December, how we feed and tend those Fires now will go a long way in support of December’s Solar transition into foundational Capricorn and the Winter Solstice. We will have passed the full moon by the time the solstice occurs but those last and most mature energies of Solar Sagittarius hold the spark that will ignite as those fiery arrows that were launched in the light of Solar Sagittarius gain ground in earthy Capricorn.

A Shot in the Dark


My proposal to you is one of cultivating patience and discernment and shoring up your arrows of connectivity; trusting that intention will guide the way. This means spending some time reflecting and truly thinking through where you wish to send out your fires of action. Where will they take root and what will become wasted energy and effort at a time when clarity and precision in picking the right battles to burn through is at an all time high.

Just as the archer of the Sagittarian symbology requires skill and practice to insure that each arrow hits the intended mark, this is a proposal that has no expiration date on honing and refining its many moving parts. What we need is a plan and plans take time and more importantly those who are knowledgeable in their skill set to make lasting change.

One arrow of hope -aka.one intention released of action that has been fueled by a will that has scanned the best and most direct route for impact- can become the one that ignites a larger path to action that is palpable in its effect and brings about growth that rises from the ashes stronger and more dynamic than what had been planned.

I encourage you to use the energy of this New Moon productively letting the light of your intentions to begin the process of connecting with others of similar philosophy and belief. Release an arrow of understanding that you may gain deeper awareness of who and what the issues are, seeing them from both perspectives. You know there is the saying that one keeps their friends close and their enemies closer. Send out an arrow of clarity so that your actions will carry the most weight in leaving footprints that are easy for others to follow on the path towards right action.

Release an arrow of love and respect, that remains tethered to you as it seeks its mark. This is the arrow of reciprocity. One that requires you respect yourself enough that you will not allow the same type of narrow mindedness to rule your actions as that which you are condemning. Love is a powerful ally and although all cannot be easily diffused or transformed by love, the action, intention and efforts towards remaining this space, especially when challenges are at peak, strengthens your own convictions and place of right action.

Think of these arrows that you send forth his New Moon as the first strikes of the match that craft the fires of Illumination, Healing and Cleansing. And, once this Fire is collectively lit, nothing can extinguish what arises from its flames.

I’ve recorded a special Pathworking for this New Moon to begin the process of right action and focused intent. Enjoy…

A Shot in the Dark

The Bull Stands Strong as the Eagle Flies

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November 14.2016
Full Moon in Taurus

8:52a.m. (EST)

Sun in Scorpio

“THE BIGGEST FULL MOON IN ALMOST 70 YEARS: On Monday, Nov. 14th, there’s going to be a full Moon–the biggest and brightest in almost 70 years. The best time to look in North America is before sunrise on Monday morning, while in Europe the best time is after sunset on the same day.

“The last time we had such a close full Moon was January 26, 1948,” says Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory, “and it won’t happen again until November 25, 2034.”

Photo Credit: Piotr Majewski

Full moons vary in size because the Moon’s orbit is not a circle, it’s an ellipse. One side of the Moon’s orbit, called “perigee,” is 50,000 km closer to Earth than the other side, “apogee.” This Monday’s “supermoon” becomes full about 2 hours away from perigee, a coincidence that makes it as much as 14% bigger and 30% brighter than lesser moons we have seen in the past.” (excerpt from: spaceweather.com)

The moon waxes full in the astrological sign of Taurus this morning. Taurus is a Fixed (stability and synthesis) sign and is of the element of Earth; and much like its symbol, the Bull, Taurus holds strong and steady in its presence.

It is fitting that this moon occurs after one of the most divisive and contentious elections the USA has experienced and that strong, stalwart and stubborn anchoring in what each believes to be the right way reached its peak, with surprising results at all levels. Now, the question is whether the Bull in the proverbial china shop will destroy all the refinements and baeuty that has been carefully created from years of struggle and adversity or whether the anchoring will take the form of all participants rooting into what their personal core values truly are, stripped of peer pressure and old beliefs that no longer serve. This is a fullness that tests  just how willing each will be to stand in the strength of what protects and safe guards for the highest good of all members of the herd.

Additionally, this anchoring is focused within the emotional and intuitive landscape that Mother Moon guides. Our emotions are being brought to full light and how we feel about our place in the manifest world. The ideals, philosophies and beliefs we have manifested as our own truth will either become a place of inert stubborness or move with a weighty presence that is a force not to be reckoned with. The caution is one of rigidity that becomes a barrier of aggression, rage and hate that fuels the exact negativity that is being fought against. Moving with purpose and deliberation keeps the emotions open and flexible enough that the creation of new expressions of right action and just cause can  evolve from a space of wisdom and intelligence of a heart that is aligned with higher purpose.

Additionally, we are nearing the end of the solar month of Scorpio and its energy of hidden reserves of insight and depths of knowing supports the manifestation of a new way of allowing your passions and desires to arise from the depths of who you know yourself to be and join with the earthiness and fecundity of Taurean energy to produce action that has both substance and intuitive strength. This is the Bull(Taurus) that stands its ground as the Eagle (Scorpio) flies high above, liberated from the Scorpion’s (also Scorpio) dark abode of random retaliation and is now able to see with clarity and accuracy which injustice will become its prey.

Action in the Aftermath

I have chosen this date and energy to provide the solid ground to launch a FB community page entitled Action in the Aftermath . The intention is one of offering the space of hope and productive action that is both informed and selective in where it stands its ground and engaging those emotions (which fuel the desire to manuifest) can be justly called upon for the highest good of all.

And, so I call to the strength and awareness of manifest and physical form. The Bull, that guards and protects and holds strongly anchored in who and what it is. Taurus is also the sign of one of the Four Holy Creatures, the Winged Bull and the energy of allowing what is steeped in instinctual and physical response to become a creature of elevated form and nature. This is the aspiration of what is driven by the desire to survive that lifts that desire to the space of manifesting and individual who is instinctually attuned to the Divine and moves in accord with a higher purpose.

I call to the three levels of Scorpio’s wisdom. I call to the Scorpion; no longer content to remain hidden in the dark and great below, whose only recourse is retaliatory and random strikes of pain and suffering. I will rise high above, soaring on the wings of the Eagle; able to see all that lays below as the potential to sustain and nourish knowing that I have come to this place of great in-sight because of the lessons learned in hiding below. And, in this trinity and with the support of the Bull’s anchored presence, I call to the Phoenix and its gift of rendering to ash what does not survive a greater whole and arise transformed.

Blessings of this Full Moon and stand strong and united in purpose for the highest good for all.

Take a look and consider becoming part of the Action community..

Action in the Aftermath

Through the Veils:In-Visioning the Future

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First Quarter Moon in Aquarius
November 7.2016
6:42p.m. (EST)

Today marks the date of astrological Samhain; the mid-point between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice, soon to be. This is the final post of the series of focus on ancestral connection and embracing the energies of worlds interwoven as the veils between soften and open.

At the New Moon of Scorpio on October 30th we entered the sacred grove of the Ancestors with open hearts and ready to receive. Now, on the date of satrological Samhain, the veils are thinnest and the potency of energy that flows btween those gates is primed and ready for interaction.

Today marks the First Quarter phase of the waxing moon. The New Moon’s energies are building and whatever intentions were planted as seeds at the phase are now germinating and soon to be flowering when Mother Moon rises Full on November 14th. This, like Samhain, is another mid-point energy and takes its place between the beginnings of the New Moon and the peaking at the Full Moon.

We can make use of this moon phase at this most sacred of times in thinking of it as setting the stage for Gates flung wide open ready to receive the outpouring of respect and honoring of those who have left bodies of flesh and bone and the gifting of wisdom to those loved ones remaining in mortal life. The intention of deepending those connections begun at the New Moon are quickening and ready to sprout the tender buds of new flowering fed and nurtured by the act of remembering and seeking the wisdom of those remembered.

Waxing Moon in Aquarius

This year’s Samhain is marked as the Moon transits into the Fixed sign of astrological Aquarius. This sign is of the element of air and as a energy of the Fixed modality has ability to synthesize, sort and hold steady all that is of intellectual pursuit. Because of this ability to see many possibilities, the potential of the future is most prized giving a unique visionary quality to the energy of Aquarius.

Mother Moon in this sign and waxing towards Her fullness provides the opportunity to reach into the architecture of what could “be”. Father Sun remains in astrological Scorpio, another of the Fixed signs; this being of the water element. The strength of this peak point of solar month in Scorpio brings the natural intuitive nature of Scorpio to the place of the second of its symbols; the Eagle. The keen sight and perception of this magnificent bird aids in accurately and precisely focusing in on what is the optimal outcome that has potential to manifest.

These two elements used together on this auspicious date of Samhain can be used to maximize your meeting with your beloved Ancestor.

In-visioning the Future

Please enjoy the last pathworking of this series, as we once again enter the grove of the Ancestors. This journey will plant the seeds of wisdom that may be used after the veils close and we continue our work in the manifest world.

The altar that you have been using honoring your ancestors should be maintained throughout the year. Keep it clean and add to it whatever you feel your ancestor would appreciate (or appreciated in life). And, remember that you may always reach out to your ancestor; seek his/her wisdom or simply talk with as you would have in life.

Blessings on this and your future journeys…

Future’s Gate

I hope you have enjoyed this series of posts and recorded pathworkings. I am always looking to improve the quality and content of this blogs’ posts and welcome comments and suggestions… Robin

Meeting on Solid Ground-New Moon in Scorpio

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46490814 - dark forest with campfire at night

October 30.2016
New Moon in Scorpio
1:38p.m. (EDT)

Sun in Scorpio
Mercury in Scorpio

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

If you celebrate Samhain during the Traditional time of the year, today we are mid-point between a 3-day aura of Samhain’s energies. The 29th heralded the transition into the Scorpio Moon at 10:01p.m. and today’s New Moon shifts the gears from waning towards waxing at 1:38 p.m. All this carried forward into tomorrow, October 31st traditional Samhain. You could stop the Samhain revels there , if you like, but consider this. The 31st is the appetizer served to whet the appetite for the most potent and nourishing of energies that occur on the date of Astrological Samhain (Sun in Scorpio); usually somewhere around Nov. 6-7 or 8th.

Why, this second date? Technically these celebrations were calculated in accord with the mid-point (of days) between the Equinoxes and Solstices. The same holds true for Imbolc (Feb. 4/5-Aquarius); Beltane (May 5/6-Taurus) and Lughnasadh (Aug. 5/6-Leo). Additionally, each of these Sabbats fall within the Solar month of one of the four Fixed astrological signs during the Solar year. The Sabbat, or Solar/Fire Holi-day occurs when the Sun is 15-degrees in the fixed sign; that being the mid-point or height of potency for that sign’s energy. (More about this in a later post)

For now, let’s make use of the New Moon on this auspicious day as we greet our Ancestors.

Scorpion, Eagle and Phoenix

Father Sun and Mother Moon dance in the dark deep waters of Scorpio. And, Mercury-the communicator extraordinaire, also in Scorpio, joins the party of mystery and deep insight. All systems are go for seeking interaction with our beloved ancestors. Scorpio, as the astrological sign of Fixed water provides a stable container that may serve as the filter of what has come before and what will emerge in the future while remaining fully present in the now. Mercury eases and opens the gates of communication, much like the international liaison between two lands (living and departed) that may not speak the same language so that exchange can be made. This communication takes on the expression of Scorpio, so whatever comes through will most likely be what has lain in wait in the subconscious and now the time is ripe to draw it up to the surface. Don’t be surprised at the bluntness of what is communicated, however. This is the “sting” of the scorpion’s tail that awakens you to what lurks deeply below the surface.

The beauty of astrological Scorpio is that what is hidden beneath has the ability through its naturally transformative quality to allow a rising high above as it takes the form of the Eagle (a second attribution to Scorpio); keen of sight and able to see precisely what is needed to be sacrificed to feed and nourish. And, once that state has been mastered, the Phoenix (the third of attributions) stands center and strong in rendering down the last of our resistance and re-generating from the ash a {w}holly changed being! This phase of metamorphosis is the blueprint for seeking ancestral wisdom, taking it in-challenges and all-and letting this new knowledge transform how we walk within our world of the living and share the gifts of our deeper gnosis.

Retrograde Neptune in astrological Pisces

An additional cosmic boon is the energy of Neptune, now retrograde in its ruling astrological sign of Pisces. Pisces is the last of the water signs as well as holding the auspicious place of being the 12th and last of the astrological signs of the Zodiacal Wheel. Pisces expresses itself in compassion and self sacrifice that is honed by extraordinary natural empathetic and intuitive sight. Neptune, as mythical God carries the Trident that parts the seas (of emotional outpouring) as the three pronged staff directs a triad of energetic power towards higher aspirations. The triune quality is one that is Spiritual in nature and calls forth the Divine spark, each prong much like flames of will, action and desire. Holding the knowledge of this planetary energy in heart as we seek audience with our beloveds creates a space of intuitive insight and receptivity that is of Spirit to Spirit (our Highest self) meeting in the common seas of creation itself. This sea being one that is not bound by time or space an one in which all that was, is and shall be converge as a singular point of meeting.

Now,we are ready to pen our heart and minds to those we wish to commune with at this most sacred of times. Now, the place of meeting will be awakened as we step through the veils…

Meeting on Solid Ground

This pathworking can be used at anytime, but will be particularly potent today because of the preliminary work that has been set in motion with the previous posts. We will be using it again on November 7th, as the final post for the intention begun on October 16th.

Click here for the recorded pathworking….

Calling to the Ancestors

The Lion and the Scorpion

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4th Quarter Moon

Last Quarter Moon in Cancer
3:14p.m. (EDT)
3:34p.m. Moon Transit into Leo
3:34p.m. (EDT)

Sun in Scorpio
7:46p.m. (EDT)

Croning Moon enters the dark…

Her waters rise leaving the
Last of home and family behind.

Waters soon to be heated by
The Lion’s charismatic touch.

Father Sun carries the scales
Into the Dark underworld as
Scorpion flicks its pointed tail.

What slithers forth and lifts into
Solar Light soon to soar keen of sight.

The time is at hand
The mysteries revealed.

The Lion and the Scorpion
On this day move in accord
Bringing the Ancestors home.

Croning Moon wanes into its Fourth Quarter phase mid-afternoon bringing the energies of home centered astrological Cancer in its latest degree (and fullest impact) and shortly after transits into Leo. We can use this to set our intention on those ancestors of home and family that we desire most to bring into the emotional light of Leo’s magnetism.

We also leave the Solar Light of Libra’s balanced ways (weighs) and ready ourselves for the mysteries of astrological Scorpio. Three layers of power to draw from- the hidden nature of the scorpion/serpent; the precise and accurate intent of the Eagle and the final transformation of the Phoenix arising.

Time to explore Scorpio and take from it the tools we will bring to our space of meeting our Ancestors at the New Moon on the 30th. Follow the link below for the recorded pathworking. Sit at the ancestor altar you created at the Full Moon. Light your candle, take a few moments to connect with your ancestor and then breathe into your highest intention….

The Hall of Scorpio

Speak The Silence of Creation

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October 18.2016
Full Moon Aura
Transit into Gemini
10:30a.m. (EDT)

Mother Moon bathes us in Her Light
The edges of her cloak gently
Pulling up as they will quietly
Surround her draping her in
the Mystery of Darkness.

She is pregnant in Her fullness
And new life awaits the outpourings
Of creation’s emotive flow.

She stood resolute and strong emerging
From Aries’ act of new beginnings and anchoring
Herself in the depths of a manifest stream
The Bull breathed through Her.

Now on this day she gives birth to
A heart that is Divinely inspired
And ready to open to speaking the
Words of connection.

Today we are nearing the 4th Quarter Moon and the Sun’s transit in Scorpio on Saturday, the 22nd. With the Moon in communicative Gemini we can use this energy as messenger of our intention. Intention to soon stand at the Gates between the worlds and seek the wisdom of our ancestors. For now, the words that are issued as call are those held in the space of silence and in that silence, the creation of desire and will that will lend clarity and focus in our space of communing with our beloveds is heard.

A Simple Ancestor Altar of Connection:

There are many ways to create an Ancestor Altar and begin the dialogue. This is a very simple method that has proven very successful and satisfying for me. Feel free to adapt as is in accord with your practice and/or previous successes.

This altar will serve as the anchor of intention for the Ancestor that you wish to commune with in future workings. Although you may dedicate it to more than one, it may prove overwhelming and lack clarity in communication, much like a group conversation. If you still feel that you wish to dedicate the space to multiple ancestors, you will need to formulate clear intention that you wish to receive the answers from whomever can assist and a specific question(s) that will narrow that down.

If you have not already done so, select a small space that may be used as an Ancestral altar of connection. This should be placed somewhere that objects on it will not be disturbed and you will feel free to place personal items out. Place a white cloth on first and a smaller black cloth on top. These are the mirror reflections of the worlds of Light and Shadow.

Place a picture and/or something that your beloved ancestor cherished most. This may be a type of candy, pice of jewelry, cigar, etc… As you do so, greet your loved one as you have done in life and pour the energetics of your Love and desire to commune into the objects selected.

Next, place a candle next to the picture. The candle should be large enough to be able to be relit for several times and may be of any color. I prefer to use white, but color does not matter.

Take a few moments to look at what you have chosen to place on this altar. For now, keep it simple, as you will be adding treasured (of the beloved) objects in future sessions. Breathe in deeply acknowledging the life that flows through you and as you exhale, light the candle; envisioning it as beacon for your beloved as he/she crosses the veils.

Sit or stand for several minutes envisioning a wooded space of sacred ground that will be your meeting place to commune with your ancestor. Don’t worry about the detail, just allow the images to arise as you quietly breathe into what is being created in this silence.

Do not be surprised if you feel the presence of your loved one. Simply offer up love and gratitude to them; holding off on questions and guidance for now. Simply “Be” in this space surrounded by what you need most at this time. Feel the light of Mother Moon shining in the flame of the candle and Her waters of creation in dialogue with your heart-felt intention. These are the waters that will carry to the Source your desire to deeply connect to the wisdom of your Ancestors.

When you feel complete, extinguish the candle and offer up gratitude for what you have created. Give thanks to Mother Moon and the blessing of your intention carried in the silence to the unseen as Her mantle is drawn beyond the Veils.

Blessings on this journey….

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